Deewan Family to get united again in Star Plus show Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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High voltage drama is going on since many days, as Sheela demands for the partition of Deewan Empire. Her sister in law Avantika agrees for the partition. Soon Sheela realises her mistake as her brother and his family’s truth is out to her. She repents for her mistake, but Avantika is still adamant for the partition as she couldn’t forget Sheela’s abusive words and it will pop in her mind whenever she see her. Well, the younger Deewans are against the partition and asks the elders to do the partition of Nanu’s photo, dreams, values, etc. Adi and Rubel ask the elders to decide whether they want the partition at Nanu’s cost. This leaves the elder’s thinking. Adi, Rubel accompanied by their respective wives, sister and servant go to attend the IPO meeting for their company. They ask the elders to come for the meeting.

At the IPO meeting, Adi and Rubel tell everyone that there will be no MD and CEO of the company from now onwards. All the employees including them will work towards the benefit of the company on the specific designation. Adi declares that MD and CEO will be his Nana and they will follow his values and teachings. They await for their elders. Avantika, Anuj, Sheela, Preeti come to the IPO meeting and present themselves as the one big happy family, stopping everyone’s questions about the dispute in their family. What will happen next? Stay tuned.






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