Dhruv and Saanchi on a romantic honeymoon in Sony TV's Jee Le Zara.

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Saanchi’s loving grannies send the newly weds on a honeymoon to Goa. Dhruv gets the car decorated with flowers with just married board on the car’s backside. They reach the hotel and get introduced to the other newly weds Mannan and Prerna. Prerna misunderstands Saanchi to be Dhruv’s elder sister. Dhruv and Saanchi take it sportingly, Saanchi clears to Prerna that she is indeed Dhruv’s wife and they are newly weds just like them. Dhruv tells Mannan that he had a tough time wooing Saanchi. Saanchi tells Prerna that although she is elder than Dhruv but both of them love each other a lot. Prerna apologizes to Saanchi. Both of the newly weds mingle well and hang out together. Saanchi surprises Dhruv by wearing a modern outfit at the party. Dhruv likes it and compliments her. He states, I didn’t know your romantic side. Saanchi replies that the dress is a special honeymoon dress.

Saanchi surprises him yet again as she gets their room decorated beautifully for their wedding night. She even gets fruit champagne for Dhruv. Then they dance on the song and get moved in romance. They celebrate their wedding night. In the morning, Dhruv surprises her by bringing tea and breakfast for them. Both of them look romantic as they make each other eat the breakfast. Dhruv’s father Yash Warden comes to the same hotel insearch of Dhruv. He plans to take back Dhruv alone without Saanchi. Will he succeed to take Dhruv with him leaving Saanchi behind? What is Yash Warden next move? Keep reading to know more.






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