Fitness camp in Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah


Jethalal’s flight of the imagination girl Babita is Iyer’s wife. Jethalal admires her to such an extent that he agrees to whatever she says. This time, Babita suggests that we should have a fitness camp in our society as we all know Health is Wealth. They have a ladies meeting and the women agree to this. Jethalal is much happy with Babita’s suggestion and is unaware of the consequences he would be facing once the fitness camp starts.

Everyone in the society are excited to take part in the fitness camp. Babita calls her friend Sophia who is a fitness trainer. Sophia enters the society on a bike making a Dhoom. The society members does the exercises, yoga and all sort of fitness regime to work out with Sophia. Jethalal, Bhide, Taarak and everyone else are so tired in one day that it does not look possible that they will turn up the second day. Sophia asks everyone to come else she will be charging a penalty amount of Rs. 50000. Everyone are shocked knowing about the big amount and get ready for the second day of the camp.


Jethalal’s body gets stuck while exercising and he panics. Jethalal regrets on his decision to support the fitness camp idea. Everyone try to help him release his body but fails. What will happen now? Will Jethalal get free from this over exercising fitness camp? Or will he continue for Babita’s sake? Keep reading.


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