Gunjan rejects Ranveer; Ranveer shocked to know about Veera’s parents in Veera

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Two major twists coming in Veera. Veera fell in love with her best friend Karan, but when came to know that Karan cracked a deal against the betterment of the villagers, she stands to support the villagers against her love. She confronts Karan and his conscience. She shares about her love with Ranveer and he gives a nod to her to go ahead. But Veera decides to forget Karan and move on in life. Coming to Ranveer, he loves Gunjan since childhood and has always hidden his feelings for her. Gunjan never acknowledged his love.

When Gunjan comes to know by Veera that Ranveer loves him, she is kind of shocked as she regarded him only as her best friend. Ratan brings shagun for Gunjan knowing Ranveer loves Gunjan. Gunjan’s mum is against all this and leaves the decision on Gunjan. Gunjan surprises everyone by rejecting the good hearted Ranveer. Ranveer is much hurt and can’ t believe that the girl he loves hates him. On the other hand, Ranveer comes to know that Veera is Sampooran’s and Amrita’s daughter.

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Gunjan tries to make use of this fact and utilize against Veera whom she thinks is the person who broke her marriage with the Canadian NRI. Gunjan feels Ranveer and Veera have broken her alliance as Ranveer wanted to marry her. What will Veera do now? How will be Veera stop Gunjan from breaking Ranveer’s heart? Will Veera’s truth change Ranveer’s love for her? Stay tuned.






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