Aaliya Embarrasses Zain with her Impressive Efforts in Colors' Beintehaa

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In the upcoming episode, Aaliya decorates her room before a video chat with her parents. Parents get happy seeing Aaliya’s room, but Zain is irked with Aaliya’s intrusion into his lifestyle as his room is not like he likes. Zain brings his friends home to watch a football match. He boasts about his unchanged lifestyle after marriage in front of his friends. His friends see his changed room with Aaliya/Zain’s marriage pics all around Zain’s room and tease him a lot. They start calling Aaliya as Bhabhi.

Further as a fuel on the fire, Aaliya brings yummy kababs for Zain’s friends who eat them all and praise Aaliya. Soon, Aaliya fixes the cable connection with her out of the box solutions. This marks her as victorious in front of Zain’s friends who does not stop praising their Bhabhi. This leaves Zain embarrassed to the core. What will Zain do now. Stay tuned to know what happens next.






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