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A fresh Hi to everyone. Firstly, lets talk about some suggestions we received today. We will cover Star World shows in future, not closing the option. Right now we are focusing on Indian TV shows. We covered KWK as many people have interest to read about it. Secondly, you will get to see Channel V updates soon like shows – Paanch, Complicated and Sadda Haq. I found Sadda Haq very refreshing. I think the promo time Star Plus spends for it is surely worth it. Also we will be covering some special shows on weekends like Ishq Kills. If we are missing any Hindi TV show, you can let us know.

We are amazed with the kind of response we are getting. I am thankful to you for your humble support and we will try our best to mark up to your expectations. I like to communicate with you guys, it’s a great way to know what the readers want. We will cater to your needs. We got a remarkable peak today with immense views. We would like you all to keep reading and follow our site. Remember, you matter to us. We are working for you. Have fun!!






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