Mrityunjay and Tara take marriage vows again in Ek Boond Ishq

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No one would have accepted the marriage the way it happened in Ek Boond Ishq. The biggest day of Tara’s life was the worst nightmare. She was forced to marry Mrityunjay in jail. Mrityunjan and Tara never regarded it a marriage, but the fate has something else for them. With growing care and love, love also grew in their love. The one who did not wish to see each other’s face are now inseparable. Tara and Mrityunjay are very much in love. There was a twist in the show as Radha. The viewers thought she might bring a drift between Mrityunjay and Tara, but she brought them closer.

Radha made them realize what they mean to each other. They stayed in the jungle for days. Some romantic moments were seen in Radha’s absence. Mrityunjay pulls Tara’s closer and asks her to live every moment with him as such moments can be cherished for life. Tara is happy to see this side of Mrityunjay. His hatred has intensity and now his love is even more intense. Mrityunjay marries Tara in the jungle, this time both agreeing happily. They take the strong vows of marriage. Later on, Mrityunjay and Tara bring Radha home and make her meet her brother Yug. The track is peaceful without any problems right now, but till when will it be? Watch Ek Boond Ishq on Life Ok or simply keep reading.





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