Gopi and Ahem to come face to face after years of seperation in Saath Nibhana Saathiya.

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A lot has been happened since Meera’s presumed death, in Ahem and Gopi’s lives. After their failed attempt to search Meera in the lake, they blame Gopi for the loss. Gopi couldn’t bear the accusations and silently moves from the Modi Bhavan. She couldn’t inform them about her second pregnancy. 8 years passes by…Ahem is seen as a hardcore businessman while Kokila is depressed in memory of Meera. Gopi starts her life afresh with her second daughter Vidya. Meanwhile Meera is shown in the temple singing the bhagan along with her killer aunt Radha.

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Kokila asks Rashi to search a suitable girl for Ahem but destiny has other plans. Rashi plans to send her kids to boarding school as they trouble her a lot with their mischief. When Ahem along with Rashi and Jigar go to drop the kids to the boarding school, he hears the bhagan sung by Gopi and gets flowed by the tune. He sees a glimpse of her. Gopi too feels his presence. In the coming weeks, destiny will bring them infront of each other. Ahem and Gopi’s love will get revived because of their daughter Vidya. Will Gopi and Ahem ever find out about Meera’s whereabouts? Stay tuned.



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  1. BH Avatar

    thanks for the update, Gopi and Ahem are a lovely couple good to watch them together.

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