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Hi guys, I am a little bit early today. Factually, an early bird. I thought I should make my presence felt so came to write the blog. LOL!! I read SRK’s Tweet and would like to share with you.

Original tweets from SRK’s twitter page:

Been strapped around the joints last few days. Realised the truth of life thru bandages. Not too tight not too loose…keeps it comfortable…

And follow up tweet after that one, The not too loose or tight philosophy of life doesn’t apply to these hugs. These ones tighter the better!!! (speaking about his children’s hugs)

I think we should have a knack for attitude in life. SRK surely rocks. His ‘’The not too loose not too tight’’ philosophy is amazing. SRK is the figure followed by millions. His line in the follow up tweet that his philosophy does not apply to his hugs is quite a brilliant thought. It is very much true, tight hugs are more warm and better. It is the most beautiful thing to hug your child, the one whom you brought in this world, who later become your world. On this note, lets leave some philosophy for the coming days ahead. (Not to bore you!!)

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  1. amreen ali Avatar
    amreen ali

    yaa ur right a hug is warm n better

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