Kunal to make Shraddha say I love you in Meri Bhabhi



Like every romantic man would like to hear from his girlfriend, the three golden words – I love you. Even Kunal wishes the same from Shraddha. Anand and Kittu, with all the efforts have finally convinced the elders for Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage. Everyone are happy at home. Its wedding bells ringing time for Kunal and Shraddha.


Kunal calls Shraddha and tells her that he won’t marry her unless she says I love you. She is shy and refuses to say. Kunal is adamant and plans to hear it from her. Shraddha goes to a shopping mall. Kunal goes after her and hangs on a rope calling out to Shraddha. Shraddha is shocked to see him hanging. Kunal asks Shraddha to say I love you, else he won’t come down. Their love story is magical with all the charm needed. Will Shraddha say it? We will let you know.


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