Raman and Ishita married, to spend their honeymoon in a hotel suite in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman and Ishita’s marriage which was slated to happen on 11th February finally happened today. We got to see some good South Indian rituals in the show as Ishita hails from a South Indian family. The Bhallas bring Ishita home and do the Punjabi rituals. Raman leaves stating his office work. Simmi asks Raman to reach the hotel in evening as she booked a suite for his wedding night. Raman reaches the place on time.

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Simmi brings Ishita and drops her till the room. Simmi freely talks to Ishita and asks her to end all conflicts with Raman tonight, wooing him with her love. While Ishita has no such intentions, she ends up reaching the suite. She finds some contraceptives and is totally shocked to know what is Raman upto. On the other hand, Raman is unaware of all this. Will Ishita trust Raman this time? Keep reading.






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