Sandhya wins the cycle race in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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After all the hurdles and big obstacles planted by Zakir, Sandhya’s toughest competitor, she still believes in her strength thinking about Sooraj’s and Bhabho’s expectations from her. She wants to live up her dreams and make everyone proud. She wants to become an IAS officer and support Pushkar. Bhabho asks Sooraj about his chain locket which was for a Mannat for his safety and happiness. Sooraj tells her that he has given it to Sandhya to boost her confidence and strength.

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Bhabho and Babusa are happy the way Sooraj supports Sandhya. Sooraj’s love for Sandhya is at the peak. It has been only two months now, still nine months of the training has to be passed. Sooraj is anxiously waiting for Sandhya to return home with the Best Cadet Trophy. Sandhya chooses a 28th position underestimating her capabilities. But Zakir plays a dirty game and changes her position to 18th. Sandhya is shocked and tensed thinking she will lose. She thinks about Sooraj’s words and gets her strength from him. She tries hard and also saves a boy from hitting a truck. Mr. Roy, her trainer is impressed by Sandhya. She wins the cycle race and makes Pushkar proud. She informs Sooraj and he thanks the Lord for her victory. Will Zakir create more troubles for Sandhya. Keep reading.






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