Anandi decides to get Justice for Saachi in Balika Vadhu

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Saachi is shocked and shattered after her boyrfriend molested her, but her nightmare didn’t end here. Her boyfriend Saurabh threatens her saying if she tells about him to anyone, then he will make her video go viral. Saachi gets scared. She confides it to Anandi. Anandi goes to Saurabh and asks him to delete the video, else she would show him what she can do. Saurabh shows his phone without the MMS. Anandi couldn’t believe him because of his loose character. She remarks on his upbringing and lacking integrity. Saurabh gets annoyed.

Anandi gives courage to Saachi to fight for the justice. She makes it clear that by keeping quiet and getting scared, she is letting the rapist go scot free. In the coming week, Saachi decides to get him punished so that he couldn’t ruin other girl’s life. Saachi tells her family that she recalled everything about that horrific night. She tells them that Saurabh is the one who is guilty of the crime, whom she trusted and loved. She tells them about the MMS which he captured on his mobile while committing the crime. Everyone are shocked. Although they are angry on her for trusting a stranger, they decide to stand by her in the testing time. What will happen now? What will be Saurabh’s move? Stay tuned.



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