Mangla and Kanno to conspire against Poonam in Ek Ghar Banaunga

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Poonam’s mum in law Mangla who have always fooled her by showing she is on her side, is always against Poonam and disrespects her. Mangla acts sweet to Poonam and Kanno but in reality, she hates both of her daughter in laws. Mangla wants to ignite some fire between Poonam and Kanno so that they can’t be together and strong. She plans to divide and rule over them. Mangla first gave the house’s responsibility to Kanno, but Kanno failed to live up to everyone’s expectations.

Shashikant ordered Kanno to give the responsibilities to Poonam, as she deserves to hold that ruling position. Mangla now sees her house slipping away from her hands and thinks of following the British’s policy of divide and rule. Shashikant comes to know that Jai is ruining his business and is angry on him. Akash tries to save Jai from Shashikant’s anger.

Akash is annoyed with Poonam for not giving him sufficient time. He thinks he is being ignored while she is busy in the household chores. It has to be seen how Poonam balances her work and life. She now has the responsibility of her parents as well. Will Poonam and Akash keep the family together and happy? Keep reading.





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