Hajera Hasan @ 11.55 PM IST:

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Hi everyone. It looked like many people missed my blog yesterday. I may be expecting high but nothing wrong in it. To think positive is the best way to live life. Let’s get some philosophical today. Some people say why to follow the crowd, it would be wise to follow the lead. I would say why don’t you be the lead. Be an example for others to follow you. If you have the talent, why don’t you brush it up and give it a shine. Like water does not wait to gel with the colors, don’t wait in life to gel with the penalties of life. Be the first to start a move.

My message for today is DON’T EVER WAIT!! To be quick is the IN thing these days. Also, I need to discuss about the requests we are getting about Koffee with Karan older episodes. See we will be covering it gradually, we won’t miss any episode of Season 4. I would also like you to read the updates of PAK shows as well if you are interested. We are working to bring that new thing to you which you won’t find anywhere else. I wrote about the newly started weekly show on Star Plus: Ishq Kills today, I hope you find it exciting. I just want to make a statement that we are the original creators of this work. Why don’t you stick to the lead, rather than the crowd. I am glad to be a part of this lead!! Join us, you won’t regret!!

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5 responses to “Hajera Hasan @ 11.55 PM IST:”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    After ur post I started reading Kisay apna kahen. Is it a finite serial or not? I dono anything about Pak Serials. I didnt felt any difference with Indian Serial.

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Pakistani Shows are similar to Indian shows but have less conspiracy. It is a homely show. It comes Wed and Thurs on Hum TV. I will post about the show soon. Keep reading.

  2. Rainbow Avatar

    Do you know about the repeat schedule of Ek Nahi Pehchaan in sony?
    I was watching it in 10 am slot. But Now CID is in that time slot.

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Its very late at 2.30am IST, repeat telecast. You can check the schedules list here. http://www.setindia.com/schedule-list

      1. Rainbow Avatar

        🙁 I wnt be able to watch from TV. Thnx for reply.

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