Ishq Kills *1st Episode* 16th February 2014 Written Update


To make the love complete of two people, the third person has to stay incomplete. This incompleteness makes him feel that there are tears behind a sweet smile. This is the reason that we want love in our life, to fill our blank life, to complete our story. Such story is of Shaina, maybe you can relate to her in some way. Shaina is a confident and beautiful working woman who is rude towards her staff. She is the vice president of the company and has made her mark with her hard work and dedication. Her staff calls her bloody Anaconda. She gives her presentation in the conference room. A new guy Rajveer joins her as her assistant. Everyone likes her presentation. She shouts on her employees and fires an ill person.

Ishq Kills 16th February


The board of directors invite Shaina at a party. The men talk about how hot she is. She comes to know that their financer Rajat Arora is financing their rival company. She traps Rajat in her beauty and makes him sign the cheque for her company. She hides the trauma in her about her parent’s loss and how it has hurt her in the past. Her ex-husband taught her that a man is like dog who if given a bone will play with it and dump it. But when the bone is taken back from him, he will claim his right again. She has no one in her life to give her love and her loneliness have made for become hard hearted.

Ishq Kills

One dark night, her car breaks down and she takes a lift. Some men try to rape her and she is saved by her assistant Rajveer. She is grateful to him and turns good towards him. They start hanging out together. She starts falling in love with Rajveer. She loves Rajveer who wanted to see her happy and took care of her. Rajveer loved her more than she loved him. They spend the night together. Later on, she is shocked to know about Rajveer’s wife.
Now, Shaina knows Rajveer is married but she thinks of finding a solution to free Rajveer. Shaina tries to woo Rajveer by donning sarees only for him. She asks Rajveer to tell his wife everything about them. Rajveer says I can’t do this. She becomes mad in Rajveer’s love. Everyone in the office gossip about her and Rajveer. Rajveer leaves her. One day, Rajveer’s wife Ranjita comes to meet Shaina and tells her that Rajveer is much worried. Because of his family, he can’t leave me and can’t accept you, so he took a big step.

Ishq Kills

Ishq Kills

Rajveer cuts his nerve. Shaina meets him and sees his intensity of love. His wife is shattered. Everything becomes fine between them. One day, Rajveer does a fraud in the company on Shaina’s name. She loses her career, her position, her reputation in the forgery case. No one was ready to believe she was innocent. It was Rajveer’s and Ranjita’s plan against Shaina. His wife was once Shaina’s employee who has hit hard and fired by Shaina for a petty issue. Shaina thinks why she fell in love. Her love has terminated her career even then she did not wish to fight back. Ranjita’s revenge was completed. Still Shaina did not leave her values. Shaina’s love was not false and she thinks of finding happiness in herself now.

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  1. Thanx for the update. I was searching for its detail. I checked desitvbox too. But there is no WU on it. Can U give update of star verdict too.

  2. Tanks. Hope U ll follow all episode if Ishq Kills. I know that it is tedious to follow so many shows. So happy with ur dedication to provide updates


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