A thirst for righteous revenge in Paanch on Channel V

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Channel V’s new tag line Correct Hai means much more. It has come with fresh and good shows. All are unique in their approach. Paanch is one such show. It is about a girl Roshini who is shy, sweet and full of enthusiasm. Her life turns into a nightmare when the never thought happens. Her sister dies by ragging in her college by the five seasoned college bullies. Its upto Roshni now to avenge something that has ruined her sister’s life.

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Will a weak and self sustained girl win in the take on the college seniors? She has to become tough, unforgiving and brutal, the opposite to what she is. Will she be able to take her revenge? Will she be able to stand up against the hard hitting bullies? Her rival are the five criminal minded seniors. They are arrogant, confident and with a never to lose group. It will be very hard for Roshni to tackle them. Roshni’s righteous revenge keeps you hooked in this show. It is about how the five wrongs make a right. Keep reading.





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