Raghu risks his life and performs dangerous stunt to save Govindji's son.

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Raghu tries to convince Shivani to give Rs. 5 Lakhs to Maliksaa’s old employee Govindji for his son’s liver transplant operation. Shivani refuses to give after Mahima, Jazz and Aunty manipulate her mind against Raghu. They tell her that Govindji is just pretending to be needy and is actually helping Raghu in his lies. Shivani insults Raghu and refuses to give money. She even insults Govindji. Govindji feels miserable and helpless. Raghu promises him to get the money somehow as he couldn’t see anyone dying infront of him. He borrows money from his friends and even asks his family to mortgage their home for Govindji’s son operation. Raghu’s father Baburaam gets angry at first, but later agrees and keep a condition asking Raghu to take Maliksaa’s half property and gets him a new home. Raghu doesn’t accept his condition.

Raghu decides to manage the money on his own and that’s when Raghu performs scary stunt sequence by jumping from a building after setting himself on fire. When Shivani comes to know about his gesture from her office employee, she will develop a soft corner for Raghu and realise that he is actually a kind hearted guy. She will also realise her mistake of trusting her own family and doubting Raghu. What will happen now. Will the distance between Raghu and Shivani be lessen? Stay tuned to watch Raghu’s superb stunt scene.






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