Kamini to bring Kunal and Shraddha’s Roka to a halt in Meri Bhabhi

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Everyone happily agreed for Kunal’s and Shraddha’s marriage except Kamini. Purshottam decides not to tell Kamini about the Roka. They want to do the Roka silently and decide to inform Kamini later. They think they can convince Kamini after the Roka, as the relation will be somewhat concrete after the Roka. When Zor talks to Shraddha blessings her of having a good future, he takes Kunal’s name too. Jaya overhears this and is shocked to know that Shraddha and Kunal are uniting and no one told her about it.

She does not take a minute to inform Kamini. Kamini is astonished as everyone kept her in darkness even Purshottam and Kunal did not tell her. She fumes in anger and reaches the Shergill’s house. She stops the Roka shouting on Shraddha and her family. She asks Kunal not to marry Shraddha and come with her if he wants to see his mum happy. Kunal is in a dilemma. Everyone try to convince Kamini but in vain. Kamini ruins Kunal’s and Shraddha’s happiness. Will she understand what her son really wants? Will Kamini agree for the marriage and let the Roka happen? Keep reading.





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