Nikhil and Ishaana’s romantic consort in Gustakh Dil

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Poor Lajjo is really busy in treating the villagers of Sonvarsa. She has decided to leave Nikhil for Ishaana. She thinks of Nikhil’s words when he bursted out one day on her in anger. She feels she is the biggest reason of pain in Nikhil’s life and wants to free him for his happiness. Lajjo prays that Nikhil and Ishaana get married and have a wonderful life ahead. She is a selfless human being, who showers peace and love everywhere she goes. Like now, she is helping Doctor Kaka in treating the epidemic disease patients.

Lajjo and her family in unaware that Nikhil has signed the divorce papers. They will be in a shock when they get the papers requiring Lajjo’s sign. Ishaana is happy with Nikhil as he gifts her favorite jacket with gifts inside. She is surprised and likes Nikhil’s efforts to get her love. They have a romantic evening where there is no Lajjo between them and no such marriage to trouble their love. Soon, Nikhil will be surprised to know about Lajjo’s deadly condition. What will he do then? Will he leave Ishaana and run to Lajjo? Keep reading on our site.





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