Ahem agrees to marry Radha in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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After Rashi’s failed attempt to search a prospective bride for Ahem, all the family members decide to marry him to Radha. Radha is Gopi’s evil sister who is the reason behind Gopi-Ahem’ separation. All the while, Radha is trying to be goody goody and caring towards Ahem and family. She shows her fake concern towards Ahem as she always dreamed of taking Gopi’s place in the Modi Bhavan. Her fake efforts get noticed by everyone.

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Radha proves that she is the suitable bride for Ahem. At first, Ahem disagrees to marry Radha. Even Rashi’s sons Tolu and Molu don’t like Radha because of her cruel nature. Ahem decides to marry Radha for his mother’s happiness and wish. Will Radha succeed in her evil plan? Will Ahem marry Radha? Will Gopi come back in his life on time? Will the kids unite them? Stay tuned.






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