Chandrika kidnaps Jai, leaving Dhara restless in Sanskaar



Dipika and Ketki are such fools who think only of themselves without caring for the lives of those they love. Dipika is selfish who claims to love Jai, not even caring for his life and putting him face danger. Dipika wanted to stop Dhara from going with Jai to Ahmedabad and mixed sleeping medicines in her chocolates. Dipika feels if Dhara does not go, Jai will take her along. Chandrika, the clever vamp mixes the chocolates and makes Dipika eat it too. Both Dhara and Dipika did not wake up in the morning and no one can accompany Jai on his official trip. Jai had to leave alone. He promises to Dhara that he will be fine and he won’t give her a reason to worry.


But Chandrika had bigger plans. She employs a guy Ravi and asks him to kidnap Jai. Ravi kidnaps Jai and hurts him by hitting on his head. Chandrika sends a CD to the Vaishnav family which has a video of Ravi beating Jai. Everyone are spell bound. Dhara blames herself for this situation. Parul is annoyed with Dhara for not going with Jai and is dying with worries. Chandrika plans to take down the whole family. Will Chandrika succeed in her evil plan? Will Dhara be able to save Jai from Chandrika’s clutches? Keep reading.


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