Court case starts against Saurabh in Colors' Balika Vadhu.



Saachi gets shattered and goes into depression after being molested by her boyfriend Saurabh. Anandi tries to recover her from big shock of her life. She motivates her to fight against the injustice. She becomes her pillar of support and convinces all the family members to support Saachi. They file an FIR at the police station. Police arrests Saurabh on the charges of Saachi’s rape. Shiv, Anandi and Alok go to the lawyer Vivek Kabra and requests him to take Saachi’s case. He refuses to take the case as he is Saurabh’s elder brother and accuses Saachi.

Shiv gives him a warning not to utter a word against his sister. They go to another lawyer Sumeet Maheshwari who will take up the case. He asks the Inspector to get Saurabh blood sampling for DNA testing for further investigations. Saurabh makes a plan and bribes the technician at the lab to switch off his DNA report with other. He tells in the court that he didn’t do any crime and Saachi is lying. Anandi fight back at him and gives testimony against him. She determines to send him behind bars. Stay tuned to witness this sensitive issue.



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