Rajveer and Simran have a romantic union, Lohari returns in Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai



Rajveer and Simran always faced many difficulties in life. They never united, though their family was very supportive, Lohari never let them come closer. She brought another challenge for Simran in the form of Rajveer’s fake wife Rajo. Rajo did not let Simran spend a minute with Rajveer, asking her to stay away from her husband. Poor Simran has to obey her helplessly. But Rajveer could not see this anymore, he told the truth to Simran that he did not marry Rajo and is only hers for lifetime.


Lohari returns home soon after Guru ji left. She is happy to see Rajveer blowing out on Simran infront of the family. Rajveer was actually acting to fool Lohari and Rajo. Lohari thinks there is no love left in Rajveer’s heart for Simran and turns happy. Rajveer truly loves Simran and wants to give her happiness and the rights of a wife over a husband. The upcoming track in the show will have their romantic union where he comes to apologize to her and can’t stop himself from getting closer to his beautiful wife Simran. What will happen when Lohari comes to know about this? Will she spare Simran this time? Keep reading.


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