Akshara to breach the silence between Rajpanna and Devyaani

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After the hyper marriage of Naitik’s Bau ji Rajpanna with Devyaani, the show now has the track of Akshara’s effort to bring them together. Akshara has to create an understanding between them. It is slowly catching up. Devyaani breaks a mud pot by mistake which was very valuable to Rajpanna. He does not tick off and is silent. Devyaani takes time out to join its pieces and makes it fine again. She writes a sorry card and hangs on it. Rajpanna can’t control his smile seeing that. He has started valuing Devyaani. Though he can’t give her Gayatri’s position in his heart and life, but Devyaani is making a new place for herself in his heart.

Naitik, Rashmi, Chikki and Naksh are still combating with the major difference that came in their life. Its Devyaani whom they are unable to accept on Gayatri’s place. Devyaani is a calm and sound person who does not react to their behavior. Naksh goes a step beyond and criticizes the breakfast made by Devyaani. Akshara scolds Naksh and explains him well so that he does not misbehave with Devyaani again. It is upto Akshara now to bridge this long gap and make Devyaani win everyone’s hearts. Will Devyaani manage to become the Choti Dulhan of the house? Keep reading.






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