Draupadi's presence initiates a battle in Hastinapur in Mahabharat



Bhishma talks to Draupadi and tells her what she is doing is Adharma. Draupadi clears his doubts well and takes a stand on her decision. In the palace, the Pandavas are eager to see Yudishtir crowned as the King of Hastinapur. Bhishma is furious with the Pandavas and says Yudishtir after doing such a great Adharm has no right to sit on the throne. Vidur supports the Pandavas and tries to convince Bhishm telling him the reasons why Pandavas took this decision because of Kunti’s mistake. Bhishm replies whatever, they had the option of taking Sanyaas. Vidur says if Yudhistir took Sanyaas, it would have been clear way for Duryodhan to claim the throne.


Yudhistir says in his presence, no one has the right on the throne just like a crop is not grown on already cropped soil. Duryodhan acts clever and questions Dhrishtrashta that is it suitable to crown such a characterless man who shares his wife with his brothers and whose wife is so characterless to have five husbands. The Pandavas and Draupadi are spell bound and angry. Yudhistir says I have an answer for your question. Dhristrashta needs no answer and declares that he will exile him and his family from his kingdom. Kunti is shocked. This lead to a battle kind of situation in the Rajya Sabha. Not able to bear Draupadi’s insult, Arjun takes out his arch and Dhrishtrashta punishes him death for taking out weapon in the Rajya Sabha. The Pandavas say we are ready for the fight. Duryodhan also acknowledges it and everyone take out their swords and proceed. Will Draupadi prove to be hazardous for Hastinapur? Keep reading.



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