Hajera Hasan @ 11.35 PM IST :

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Hi guys, I am back with my strike of words. Hope everyone doing good. Today, we started the first poll of TellyReviews. We wanted to see how you all respond to it, so that we can come up with some interesting polls later in the section Poll Breeze(Added today!!). The results till now are good. The poll will be on till Sunday and the results will be displayed on the same night. About my choice about the poll, its Shraddha Arya of Tumhari Pakhi. I think she is just gorgeous and her pairing with Iqbal Khan in the show is a golden delight to watch.

I am taking out some time to watch the melodramatic shows on Star Plus. Star Plus is consistently ruling over all the channels. With shows six days a week, we observe that two major twists are coming in each show weekly. Our work is to cover everything. We are trying. You also do your bit in making our work read by you. If we try to reach each other, the way will be half. I believe efforts pay, if not now, then sooner. On this wonderful hope, let’s bring it on!! Always be high and charged!!

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2 responses to “Hajera Hasan @ 11.35 PM IST :”

  1. Rainbow Avatar

    I voted for jenny. But I didnt get THANKS FOR VOTING msg 🙁

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      seems strange !. I think there was some server problem with Polldaddy service. Though, I assume your vote is counted. No worries !!

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