Kisay Apna Kahen 20th February 2014 *10th Episode* Written Update


Bhai Miya sees Alisa with Ali on his bike and is shocked. Alisa gets scared. Ali tries to explain but in vain. Everyone look at them. Ali says, I am not like that. Bhai Miya says, I mistaken you to be good. He comes home and calls Zainab. Zainab says, she went to University. Bhai Miya asks her to speak with Alisa. Zainab asks, where did you go with him? Alisa says, university. Bhai Miya says, reputation is maligned in the neighbourhood. JD tells Maheen that her sister is having affair with the neighbour. Maheen says I have faith on my sister. Phuphu taunts Maheen. JD tells to Phuphu about Alisa. Maheen says, nothing is like that. Phuphu says, I have seen them together in Iqra’s marriage. JD laughs. Maheen says, it is just a misunderstanding. Phuphu insults Iqra and Alisa. Maheen is hurt.



Bhai Miya is tensed about Alisa. His employee comes and tells him about trusting Alisa. Ali says, I just gave her a lift. I was passing from there.. Safia says, why did you give her lift? Zainab came and insulted us. If you likes her then you would have tell me. Ali says, I like her. Safia says, Zainab taunt me. Ali says, we didn’t do any mistake. Safia says, I gave a good reply to her.


Alisa is sad. Shanze comes and asks, why you didn’t sleep yet? Alisa says, I am sad that bauji didn’t listen to me. She says, I love them very much and wants to prove my innocence. Shanze says, soon they will realize that your intention was not wrong. She asks Alisa to sleep. Khalid calls on Iqra’s Landline number but the call doesn’t connect. Maheen calls Zainab and enquires about Alisa. Zainab says, my ears are cooked listening to people’s taunts. She asks about her father. Zainab says, he is bearing the same. Maheen says, JD and Phuphu are taunting Alisa. Zainab says, that’s what we expect them to do. Zainab tells her that Iqra is happy in her home. Maheen asks her to have faith on them and ignore people’s taunts.


Ali tries to prove his pure intention. Bhai Miya asks him never to cross his path. Agha’s friend is pulling his leg regarding Shanze. Agha looks at Shanze. They say we had a doubt before but now we are sure that the girl will join our group. Agha rubbishes the talk.


Ali tells Safia that Bhai Miya doesn’t listen to him. He says, I am worried about Alisa. Safia says, you are not wrong. You don’t need to give the explanation. Safia says, I will talk to Zainab. Ali says no, if Bhai Miya talks rudely with you then I won’t bear it. Shanze speaks with her friend. She says, your father should have listened to your sister. Shanze tells her that her father is very strict. Shanze passes by Agha. Agha loses his heart to her. Rafia comes home and calls Iqra. She asks her to keep the phone properly. Iqra says okay. Phone rings. Rafia picks the call and talks to Sayeed.

Suraiya (matchmaker) comes to Zainab’s house and tells about a good alliance. Zainab says, we don’t have any plans right now. Suraiya says, I saw the boy for Shanze. Zainab says, but Alisa needs to be married first. Suraiya taunts Alisa and says let her be at home. Marry your other girl Shanze. Zainab takes her daughters’ side. Suraiya asks her to tell if she wants to get marry Shanze. Zainab tells Bhai Miya. Bhai Miya is shocked and disheartened as people estranged behavior towards him. Bhai Miya says, why I didn’t die before listening to peoples’ taunts. Zainab and Bhai Miya cries. Alisa cries miserably. Shanze asks, you are strong. Alisa says, I want to die. I forced bauji to request death. Shanze says, he didn’t mean it. Alisa says, I am broken. I am responsible for their insult.


Agha’s friend ask him to propose to Shanze. Agha says, no one can ignore me. He asks them to check. Agha comes to the classroom and asks Shanze to get up as he wants to talk to her. Professor asks Shanze to go. Shanze asks him, what is this nonsense? Agha says, it is my style. He says, my friends think I love you. Would you be my girlfriend? Shanze says I am not that type of girl. Agha says, so let’s married. Shanze says, I can’t think about marriage with you. Agha calls a person and asks him to give testimony for him. Agha says, I will send my parents to your home. Shanze asks him to understand. Shanze leaves. Agha looks at her.


Next Episode:
Alisa asks Shanze to call Ali as she wants to meet him. Maheen says, bauji took a decision. Bhai Miya takes a decision.


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