Avantika to know about Dhanrajgir's motives in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.

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Deewan’s are happy and excited about Kaira’s engagement. Kaira’s engagement ceremony is going on a full spree in a south Indian style. Avantika has a doubt on Dhanrajgir’s and she asks Mr. Roshan to enquire about them. Avantika comes to the engagement and awaits for Roshan’s call. Meanwhile the groom Varun Dhanrajgir doesn’t wish to marry Kaira as he knows about his brother’s evil plans to take revenge from Deewan’s and he doesn’t wish to support Vikram Dhanrajgir. He is forced to agree for marriage.

Avantika thinks to stop the engagement if her doubt proves right about Dhanrajgir’s. Sheela tries to mend ways with Avantika. While the engagement begins, Varun lies that he forget the engagement ring in his car. Will Varun and Kaira get engage? Will Vikram be successful in his revenge. What will Adi and Pankhudi do? Stay tuned.






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