Parmeet to doubt Maya to be Bani in Colors' Bani- Ishq Da Kalma.

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Parmeet is convinced that Maya is just Bani’s lookalike and takes her help to skip arrest by the police. While everyone are mourning at Bani’s death, Bani makes an appearance and tells everyone that she is indeed very much alive. Everyone get surprised and happy. Rajji knows the truth of Bani pretending to be Maya. She refuses to accept that she is Bani. She tells her family that her heart is not agreeing. She says, Bani’s parents can recognize Bani and asks Parmeet to take Bani to her Maayka. Parmeet gets trapped and agrees to take Bani to her family. Everyone are sad, Parmeet comes with Bani. Everyone get surprised. Bani tells them that she is fine and happy with Parmeet. Her parents feel relaxed. Bani and Rajji are happy as their plan worked.

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Soham makes romantic dinner for Rajji to express his love. Kuggi asks him to dress up before the dinner. Ramon calls Balbir and tells him that Soham is going to profess his love to Rajji and if this happens then they will not get property. Ramon puts sleeping pills in the juice. Soham unaware of Ramon’s plan makes Rajji drink the juice. Rajji falls unconscious. Soham gets tensed and calls the doctor. Doctor tells that Rajji might have some allergic reaction and she will be fine by morning. Soham tells her that Rajji had only juice. Doctor takes her blood sample and also juice sample to know the reason for Rajji’s condition. Bani senses uneasiness and calls Soham. Soham tells her about Rajji.

Bani rushes to her. When Parmeet wakes up, he enquire about Bani with her parents who don’t know about Bani whereabouts. He calls home and is being told by Gagan that Bani is at their home. She rushed home when she heard about Rajji’s fainting. It raises a doubt in Parmeet’s mind about the identity of Maya. He confronts Bani and asks her if she is really Maya or Bani. Stay tuned to know how Bani clears his doubt.






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