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Hello World!! I remember, this was the first C programming program we had in our first year of Engineering. But as of now, this is my greetings to all. As few people wanted to know about us, I replied to them that I m an engineer by qualification but a content crafter by profession. My interest was always in writing. I wrote for few websites (don’t want to name them). They were not as big as DTB. With DTB, my professionalism increased and I became a full time Content Crafter. Now, I m working for my own site. It is great to experience this. It is an amazing feeling. It is like having a plant and watching it grow. All it needs is sunlight (Your input by reading our work, do your part!!) and watering (Our input which we are trying our best to make it better!!) We are doing our part, you also help us in bringing out virtual greenery. LOL!! Many plants, much refreshing air (In our case, the air will be your entertainment!!)


I have done many linkups today. I mean by words. About KWK’s update, I would like to say that Freida Pinto’s episode did not air yesterday and it has got postponed. This week was Madhuri and Juhi. I did not cover it today as I saw a part of it and did not find it witty at all. I will be covering it soon and also some old episodes which are to be covered. You can still make your suggestions and requests in this blog in the comments section. Keep reading!!



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