Saachi to be blamed in her rape case in Balika Vadhu

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After Saachi broke the truth to everyone that it was Saurabh who molested her and made her MMS video, Ira gets much angry on Saachi for ruining their family name. Alok asks everyone to support Saachi. Anandi convinces everyone not to put Saachi in any emotional trauma by blaming her. Everyone start supporting Saachi and files the FIR against Saurabh. Saachi fights against Saurabh in the court. The judge asks Saurabh to undergo a DNA test. Saurabh comes to know about the lab and bribes the lab technician asking him to change the test reports. Everyone are shocked to know that the test results are negative. Vivek Kabra, Saurabh’s brother and his lawyer without making much efforts makes Saurabh prove innocent. Saurabh and his family are much happy.

Saurabh’s mum scolds Saachi and calls her characterless for blaming innocent Saurabh. Anandi asks the judge to make Saurabh undergo the test again as he is guilty. Vivek says Saurabh is innocent and he will not give any tests again. The judge asks for the DNA tests of other guys. Saachi is devastated as her culprit is roaming freely and is not getting punished for his sin. Anandi tells Saachi that she will try her best to get Saurabh pay for his crime. Will Saurabh be proved guilty? Will Anandi get justice for Saachi? Keep reading.






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