Two new entries to create troubles for Kunal and Shraddha in Meri Bhabhi

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We heard that Kunal’s grandmum and Shraddha’s Bua will be soon making their entries in the show. Kamini informs Purshottam’s mum about Kunal and Shraddha’s relation. She tells her that Shraddha is a divorcee and has a son. Kunal’s grandmum gets furious knowing this. She asks did Kunal not get any other girl that he is marrying a divorcee. She comes to meet Shraddha at the Shergill house. She tells everyone that she wants to test if Shraddha is suitable for Kunal or not. She tells them that she wants to talk to Shraddha alone. What will she talk about? Will she like Shraddha for Kunal?

Another entry in Shergill house is Shraddha’s Bua, Zor’s sister. She also comes to know about Kunal. Kunal brings a flower bouquet for Shraddha to make her mood good. Bua taunts him for meeting Shraddha before marriage. She asks him why are you marrying her knowing she is a divorcee and has a son, is it that you have some fault in you. She starts firing on Kunal. Will Kunal manage to win Bua’s heart? Will Shraddha and Kunal pass through these hurdles easily? Will Kittu make Shraddha and Kunal marry? Keep reading.





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