Aditi to fuse at Agnihotri mansion in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon



Niranjan recently became glad when his friend Ajinkya came to his Agnihotri mansion with his daughter Aditi. Aditi is a sweet and simple girl who eyes Shlok. She shows some interest in Shlok, staring at his photos and him too. Aditi brings gifts for everyone and everyone are happy to meet her. Aditi soon become friends with Astha. She suggests Astha to arrange Shlok’s cupboard as she is his wife and should take good care of him.


Astha arranges the cupboard which makes Shlok get angry on her. Shlok holds Aditi’s hand thinking she is angry. Aditi can’t stop herself from staring at him. Looks like something is cooking is in her mind about Shlok. It has to be, as Shlok is handsome and with a rocking attitude. Anjali asks Astha to make lemon pickle for Ajinkya. Sojal ruins the pickle and makes sure Astha gets insulted infront of him. Aditi comes to stay for two days, but after that period, she is about to leave but faints. Anjali asks Aditi to stay with them for few days more and gets worried for her. What angle will Aditi bring in Astha’s and Shlok’s life? Keep reading.


  1. please no third person we are not ready for that yet the love track of astha and shlok has not even begana nd aditi has arrived but best of luck dear aditi we hope that u will bring us alot of entertainment. thanks for the news


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