Sandhya draws closer to home for Chavi’s marriage in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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It was Roma’s birthday and Rahul plans a surprise party for Roma. He takes along Roma and Sandhya and they go to a pub. They don’t drink but only dance. A man misbehaves with Roma and Rahul can’t stop himself from beating him. Rahul takes advantage of his Police Academy ID card and tries to scare the man. A news reporter sees this happening and records it in his camera. Soon, the news comes on TV about the cadets misusing their power and Police Academy’s name and image are ruined.

Sandhya, Rahul and Roma are given a punishment on Saturday. But on the same day, its Chavi’s marriage. Sandhya asks Officer Singh on punish her on some other day. Officer Singh rejects her leave application. Sandhya gets worried thinking what will she say to Bhabho. On the other hand, Bhabho waits for Sandhya as she is already missing her in every function. Sandhya tries hard to win Officer Singh’s permission and gets it. Officer Singh permits her to go for the marriage. All the Rathi family members are happy to see Sandhya. Sandhya does her duty of a Bhabhi and makes everyone happy. Watch the delightful marriage of Chavi. Also, keep reading.






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