Madhu and Abhay cling to a contract marriage in Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

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Ananya asks Abhay to promise her that he will quit acting and lays conditions for him to agree. Abhay unwillingly has to give up to his sister’s demands. He calls up a press conference where he declares that he has quit acting. This leaves everyone shocked.

Pam gets worried thinking if Abhay quits acting, she will not be getting any luxuries. She informs about Abhay’s decision to Bebe. Bebe can’t bear this and gets a heart attack. Abhay runs to meet Bebe at the hospital. The doctor asks Abhay not to hurt Bebe further by any shocking news and try to keep her happy. Bebe asks Abhay to get married before she dies. Abhay agrees to Bebe saying he will respect her every wish. This further stuns Pam who knows that if Abhay gets married, she will lose all the property according to the will.

Abhay is concerned about Bebe and brings Madhu home for taking care of Bebe. Madhu does her part well and impresses Bebe and Abhay. Abhay asks Madhu to become his contract wife for the sake of Bebe. Madhu agrees for the marriage and in return asks Abhay to take care of Radha’s medical expenses. What will Pam do now to stop this marriage? What will happen if Abhay comes to know that Madhu is RK’s daughter? Keep reading.






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