Rakesh Bedi to shockingly stride in Meri Bhabhi

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Rakesh Bedi, the top comedian who has acted in many serials and is reputed name in the Telly world, is making a sudden entry in the show Meri Bhabhi. He is Shraddha’s Phupha and his character is that of a miser who wants to cut down the expenses of the marriage.

He can’t see people spending lots of money marriage which he feels are unnecessary costs. Rakesh’s character is an interesting and common one which we almost see in every marriage. Such people really care for other’s money and spoil the fun.

Shraddha’s Phuphi is very happy to see her husband and gives all the responsibility of the marriage to him. Zor and Amrit are annoyed seeing the way he is taking everything in his hands wantedly and against everyone’s wish. Rakesh turns the most awaited marriage of Shraddha and Kunal into something low budget affair. Will Shraddha and Kunal’s marriage rock as Zor planned it or will everything go wrong? Keep reading.





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