Sandhya does a hard-hitting task with ease in Diya Aur Baati Hum

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We told you that Sadnhya convinces Officer Singh for accepting her leave application. But how, here it goes like this. Kavita fills Bhabho’s mind against Sandhya trying to win Bhabho’s trust. She offers her help to Bhabho and says she can make Sandhya get the Best Cadet Trophy and also get a posting in Pushkar where she can be together with Sooraj.

Bhabho does not accept her help and believes in Sandhya’s hard work. Officer Singh gives a tough task to Sandhya and her group. Asking them to fill three water barrels full from the well which is at a distance in just 3 minutes. Sandhya does it with her determination and completes the task. Officer Singh is impressed by her and gives her a medal.

Sandhya seeing Officer Singh happy with her performance, asks her to accept her leave application and allow her to go for the marriage function. Officer Singh agrees and Sandhya lands up in Pushkar for Chavi’s marriage. Bhabho is happy seeing her and is proud of her Sandhya Bindini. Have fun in the marriage Sandhya!!






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