Hajera Hasan @ 11.15 PM IST:

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Hi guys, one important thing to tell everyone. Our content is being copied on many sites. Our exclusive updates of Satyamev Jayate, Koffee with Karan, Ishq Kills and Heroes – the Fightback Files among others are being copied on other sites. We are losing our readers because of this post theft. This is not a cool thing. It is shameful for them to do this, as they don’t have any hardworking writers. They want to get the crowd by simply posting someone’s else hardwork. It takes time and efforts to write an update. Nothing is dropping from the sky.

For example, just check this. http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3936514 These guys have copied line to line and also in full length. This is the limit and is not acceptable. No apologies, no regrets by them. Though we have warned them not to repeat this mistake, I don’t think they will keep up this hope. I request you guys to follow TellyReviews as we are the original creators of the content and we have the copyright. We have posted Ishq Kills written update just now, I think it will also be on many sites now. We will soon work on DMCA and copyright matters to strengthen our content and website. You are the reader and it is in your hands whom would you like to follow. Want original and quick updates? Find it only at TellyReviews!!






7 responses to “Hajera Hasan @ 11.15 PM IST:”

  1. sameera766 Avatar

    Dat’s disgusting…hope u guys work on it as soon as possible…

  2. Razzaq Avatar

    Can’t believe that..nothing worse than other people taking credit for your own work ! Hope you get this sorted … All the best and well done for your hard work

  3. Rainbow Avatar

    We know that your site is the only one providing original content. Sort it out as soon as possible.

  4. discover Avatar

    hey hasan no worries yar.v r d one who appreciate ur work a lot.so v vl follow nly dis site of urs..
    One thing i must say i was off for a few days.so cudn’t visit the site.but iam cmpltely surprised when i opened d site 2day.yar u cmpltely changed its look..its very cool.gud job..

    1. tellyreviews Avatar

      Thanks for your support Discover…

  5. Rainbow Avatar

    R u busy Hajera Hasan. No “In Converse With U” for 2 days.

  6. Rainbow Avatar

    @H Hasen: can u post the update of EBI 7th march promo?

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