Nandini decides to safeguard Rajveer from his mom in Sony's Desh Ki Beti Nandini



Interesting track is going on in Desh Ki Beti Nandini. Last week Nandini comes to know about Gayatri Devi behind the attacks on Rajveer. Nandini couldn’t believe that Gayatri Devi who has been pretending to safeguard her son from the attacks is actually the real culprit. Nandini determines to save her husband Rajveer from evil plans of Gayatri Devi. At the other hand, Rajveer is completely oblivious to his mom’s truth and blindly agrees to her every saying. He plans to confess his love to Nandini.


Nandini tells him that it was his mother who has planned all the attacks on him. Rajveer couldn’t believe her words and gets angry with her. Later Rajveer decides to throw Nandini out of the house but Nandini manages to stay in the house. Nandini thinks to win him with her good nature but Rajveer gives her divorce papers to sign. Nandini is shocked while Gayatri Devi gets happy.

Gayatri Devi asks Rajveer to go to the village on behalf of their party. Rajveer refuses as he have to attend the music class but later agrees on Gayatri Devi’s insistence. Nandini hears them talking and thinks to go with Rajveer as she couldn’t afford to let Rajveer go alone. She tries to convince Rajveer to take her with him, but he refuses. Dadi convinces Gayatri Devi to send Nandini with Rajveer else People will gossip about them. Nandini and Rajveer leave for the village. They were welcome at the village. Rajveer gets touched by the villagers’ gesture.

Nandini tells Rajveer to understand the villagers’ troubles, necessity etc. Rajveer who has been practicing the speech all the while, tears the papers and decides to help the poor. He promises to build the hospital and sanction funds. Villagers get happy. While on their way back home, they come to the temple to seek God’s blessings. Rajveer lifts Nandini and takes her inside the temple as per the temple ritual. Nandini is happy with this move. Stay tuned to watch the light hearted romance in Nandini.



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