Saachi to fall in love with Vivek in Colors' Balika Vadhu

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Saanchi has raised her voice against the rape and got the accused punished. She is accepted by her family with open arms. She was a spoilt brat before but now realizes her mistakes and decides to change for good. She even visits the temple to seek God’s blessings and even helps a lady who blesses her for good life.

In the coming episodes, Anandi will convince Saachi to agree for marriage. Saachi agrees to marry for her family’s happiness. Anandi shares this good news with her family and offers them sweets. Everyone is very much happy specially Anandi and Saachi’s mom Ira. They will look out for a good lad for their daughter. Saachi’s life will be blooming with love and happiness. Can you guess who will be the love interest of Saachi? Well the answer is Vivek Kabra. Keep reading firstly on tellyreviews.



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