Zain saves Aaliya and Fahad and salvages Barkath Royale in Colors' Beintehaan

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Today, we saw how Surayya creates a drama and threatens Aaliya that she will inform Usman if she does not get the jewellery back by 4 p.m. She even succeeds in informing Usman about it who is very shocked to hear about his Bhanji selling the jewellery. Just then Zain arrives with the jewellery and pretends as helping his mom, but saves Aaliya by giving their family jewellery to his mom back.

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We will even see how Aaliya and Zain will be shocked to hear that Fahad kept their 200 crore worth house Barkat Royale’s papers as collateral to goon and goon asking 5 crores now. Zain and Aaliya now are determined to help Fahad and get back Barkath’s Royale’s papers from don’s den.

In the upcoming episodes, we will see Zain and Aaliya meeting the don and being shooed away. They will get to know about don’s daughter’s engagement in 2 days. They will enter that party in disguise with Zain as a millionaire and Aaliya as his girlfriend and will escape with Barkath Royale’s papers.

Now the twist is while escaping, Zain will be shocked to see Aayath as an escort at the party.

Stayed tuned to see all these surprises in the upcoming episodes.






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