Kanchi Kaul and Shabbir Ahluwalia to be blessed with a baby



Kanchi Kaul, the female lead of the hit show Meri Bhabhi airing on Star Plus is expecting a baby. She is the wife of Shabbir Ahluwalia. The whole cast of Meri Bhabhi are happy for her and gives their hearty congratulations to the couple. She already has a son in the show named Dhruv and she is the best mum for him. We hope Kanchi proves to be a good mum off screen too.


In the show, Shraddha is soon going to get married with her on screen love Kunal. Their on screen love story have become a rage as Kunal bring romance on fire. Kanchi will be taking a break from the show after shooting for few months. The cast will be missing her. We have to see how the show makes her leave on the show or will Shraddha’s character get a replacement. Keep reading tellyreviews.com.


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