Shivani to profess her love to Raghu in Zee TV's Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

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Shivani has realized her feelings towards Raghu and has been doing every possible effort to make him feel special. She has been feeling good and blushing with Raghu’s thought. She confides to her friend Meghna that Raghu takes good care of her and don’t eat if she is hungry. She says, he takes care of her every wish. Meghna says you have fallen in love with Raghu. It is reflecting on your face and you are blushing.

Shivani thinks whether she really loves Raghu. She closes her eyes and sees him. She smiles experiencing the most beautiful feeling of being in love. She thinks to confess her feelings to Raghu.

Shivani comes to the office and imagines Raghu in everyone. She waits for Raghu eagerly but is informed by her employee that Raghu went to Ajmer for seeking the permission of School. Shivani calls him and tells him indirectly about her situation of heart, but Raghu doesn’t understand. Shivani thinks to confess her love for him. In the upcoming episodes, she will profess her love for Raghu on the Maha Shivrati day. She drinks Bhaang and confesses her love. Raghu will be surprised while Aunty, Mahima and Jazz will be aghast. Stay tuned to see the blossoming romance and keep reading only at






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