Lajjo recuperates from the epidemic disease in Gustakh Dil

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Nikhil’s love finally did it. Lajjo is recovering now. Though Nikhil is unaware of the power of his love, it has revived the ill Lajjo. Lajjo had given up the desire to live and wanted to suffer with the epidemic disease. Nikhil reaches her on time. He sees her very serious and is worried. He calls Samrat and asks him to arrange medicines for Lajjo. Lajjo’s mum blames Nikhil for Lajjo’s condition as he is the reason behind her illness. She feels Lajjo has stopped living because Nikhil did not accept her.

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Samrat brings the medicines next day and Doctor Kaka injects Lajjo. Nikhil prays that Lajjo gets fine and he comes to know that she is responding to the medicines well. He is glad that he has saved Lajjo by his efforts. Lajjo is happy to see Nikhil with her and he tries to make her cheerful as before. He makes Lajjo smile by acting funny. Lajjo turns bubbly again thanks to Nikhil. Nikhil has dropped his London trip for Lajjo and is spending his time with her. He gives Lajjo more importance than Ishaana. Will he realize that his true love is Lajjo? Let’s wait and watch.





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  1. minkusingh Avatar

    so sweet for laajo

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