High tension between Vyas brothers in Saraswatichandra



Ghuman does her bit by making Saras go to Kusum’s room stating Kumud is with Kusum. Innocent Saras goes to look out for his love Kumud and gets surprised seeing the room beautifully decorated. Kusum thinks its Danny who entered the room and hugs Saras unknowingly. She says I have been waiting for you since long, I love you Danny. Danny, the overreacting fellow does not hear his name and hears everything else. He misinterprets her words and thinks Kusum still loves Saras.


Danny leaves the house and cries being alone somewhere. When he returns home, Kusum tries hard to convince him by telling him the truth of her surprise planned for him. Danny does not believe her and speaks ill about her character. This makes Saras slap his true brother Danny and has shocked everyone and also the viewers. The unity of the Vyas brothers have been broken all thanks to Ghuman. She is bitchy and people love her for that. Kumud comes to know that Ghuman is after all this tension creation. Will Kumud manage to solve the animosity between Saras and Kumud? Have to see in forthcoming episodes.


    • We will see Rainbow. But our site has to give reviews on what happened in the past too. We are not based only on spoilers. The people who missed few episodes can catch up with our brief reviews. Thanks.

      • Its okay with me. I just gave suggestions. Drama fan like me reads and follows our favourite serial. So I am more interested in upcoming tracks.

  1. nice update, i really didn’t get time to watch all my favourite episodes, i go through the updates to be in tact with the serials, its really helpful of giving info of previous episode and the track which is running.


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