Marriage bluster over Jai to start in Sanskaar

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Dhara has saved Jai from Chandrika and her goons. Jai feels it was Dhara who has taken all the risk and came running to save him. Dhara gets kidnapped by Chandrika after Jai runs out from the Chandrika’s evil clutches. Jai gets a call from the kidnappers asking for the ransom money and temple land papers. Jai sends them the extortion money through Dipika. Dipika is angry as Jai is risking her life only for the sake of Dhara. Everyone feels bad when Dipika regards Dhara as a maid.

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Dhara leaves clues for Jai to reach her. Jai understands the clues and reaches Dhara. He faces Chandrika and she is about to shoot him. The police comes at the right time and saves Jai and Dhara. They finally come home happily and have a heart to heart talk. Jai tells Dhara that they are made for each other and should always be together. Dhara gets on cloud nine and is really happy. Dipika comes to know about Jai’s decision and is hyper. She will show down Jai by using her dad’s business links and also the marriage contract that Dhara signed before marrying Jai. Now, there will be a catfight for Jai. Interesting to watch!!





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