TellyReviews celebrating International Women's Day


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International Women’s Day is the day which is dedicated to every woman across the globe. We should cherish womanhood and be proud to be a woman. While people refer woman to be weaker sex and there is gender biasing in some areas, male chauvinism should not be supported. TellyReviews salutes women and encourages them to put forth their abilities and prove themselves in their areas of expertise. I also salute this year’s UN Theme on International Women’s Day: Equality for Women is Progress for All.


This poll is about the Best Female Youth Icon on Indian Telly. Vote for your favorite!!
Congratulations to Deepika Singh – Sandhya from Diya aur Baati Hum (DABH) for winning our Youth Icon (Female) poll.

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  1. wow thanq hasan for setting up new poll yar..i voted for sandhya n anandi…both these characters and the respective shows are directed towards changes in society since beginning…anywaz thanq once again..

  2. I vote for anandi, Bcoz she works for others eventhough she have a lot of problem @ hr home. Adopting a differently Abled child was so good. Since I dnt watch DABH, I dnt knoe abt sandhya. Most of other female leads focus on her family only.

  3. In today’s era, Women play a very crucial role in every phase of life, in serials too, all the highlight is on women and the main protogonist is woman. for me, the most powerful character on Indian television Is Anandi.

  4. sandhya and anandi truely represent todays modern and self dependent women.other serials only show how their bahus are perfect housewifes aur sabka zulm chupchap sehti hain.2days women are not so i would say sandhya and anandi are not only perfect bahu but a icon for women


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