A halt in Kunal-Shraddha’s marriage in Meri Bhabhi

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This halt happened yet another time in Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage. First it happened in their Roka, where Kamini brought the roka to a halt and later everyone convinced her to let the Roka take place. Now, the big problem is in the form of Kunal’s US friend Nisha, who claims to be Kunal’s wife and the mother of Kunal’s child. She messages Shraddha that Kunal is married and she should not marry him. Shraddha ignores the messages as she blindly trusts Kunal.

Nisha sends her and Kunal’s intimate photo and Bua sees it. She shows to the elders and everyone are shocked. They confront Kunal and ask him about his affair. Kunal clears himself stating he is innocent and he did not marry anyone in US. He says he is not the father of any child, as he did not have any affair. While Shraddha believes him, everyone is still in a doubt. Sadly, the marriage comes to a halt as Nisha comes down to India to meet Kunal and Shraddha. What will happen now, will the marriage take place or not? Keep reading.





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