Raghu stunned by Shivani revelation in Zee TV's Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se

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Shivani in an inebriated state confessed to Raghu about her feelings for him. She regards him as her husband. Raghu is shocked by her revelation and packs his bags to leave the house. He thinks she said but she doesn’t mean it. He gets angry on Shivani. Shivani tries to stop him from leaving the house. She tells him that she mean each and every word she had said. Raghu is boggled. He says, he is the servant of Maliksaa and her’s too. Shivani makes him clear that he was Daaju’s servant but now he is her husband. Shivani says nobody can snatch the right from me. I am your wife and will always be. Raghu is shocked.

It is be seen in the Maha Episode, how Raghu decides to marry Sumitra to stop Shivani regarding herself as his wife. He believes that he is her servant and that’s why couldn’t think of her life with him. Shivani comes home and is shocked to see Raghu filling Sumitra’s maang. It is yet to be seen whether Shivani stops Raghu’s from filling Sumitra’s forehead. Will Shivani be successful in convincing Raghu. Stay tuned to watch the drama filled with emotions or keep reading.






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